DEI 2.0

Drawing from our successes and lessons learned from DEI 1.0, Michigan Engineering has identified seven strategic objectives aligned with our people-first perspective that advances an equity-centered engineering mindset. Our commitment to cultivating an educational environment that provides opportunities for every community member to thrive is one of our primary areas of focus. Each of our strategic objectives is accompanied by metrics that will be tracked over time, as well as year-one actions we will take to accomplish those objectives.

Michigan Engineering Year One DEI 2.0 Plan

  • SO1: Recruit, develop, support and graduate a talented, diverse body of students
  • SO2: Recruit, develop and retain talented, diverse instructional and research faculty, postdoctoral scholars, departmental leadership and college leadership
  • SO3: Recruit, develop and retain talented, diverse staff capable of supporting a world-class academic and research learning environment 
  • SO4: Design and develop resources and opportunities to create a culture of accessibility that facilitates equitable, inclusive learning and working environments
  • SO5: Develop a set of evaluation and assessment methodologies and tools for continuously collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on Michigan Engineering’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts
  • SO6: Create and implement a sustainable, effective DEI funding model for Michigan Engineering to support current and new DEI initiatives, programs and strategic priorities
  • SO7: Create a climate of inclusion and belonging by designing and developing resources and opportunities for engagement and interaction that facilitate a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for students

DEI 2.0 Strategic Plan Feedback

As we wrap up the first year of our DEI 2.0 Strategic Plan, your insights are still needed. We invite you to continue shaping our journey by participating in a survey on our DEI 2.0 (AY 2023-2024) plan, reflective of the first year of our five-year implementation cycle.

DEI 2.0 Implementation Team

To best implement Michigan Engineering’s DEI 2.0 Strategic Plan, we have established six outcome-based project teams, each composed of faculty and staff leaders with different areas of responsibilities, perspectives and expertise. These teams will collaboratively work towards the common objective of implementing our plan, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to advancing our diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Implementation Team Sponsor
  • Dean’s Group
Implementation Team
  • Gabe Javier, OCCE (Lead))
  • Rebecca Flintoft, OSA
  • Dan Maletta, CAEN
  • Debbie Mero, RPM
  • Mike Drake, Dean’s office
  • Jennifer Judge-Hensel, C&M
  • Mingyan Liu, ADAA
  • Lola Eniola-Adefeso, ADGPE
  • Kevin Pipe, ADUE
  • Evan Marie Allison Pieknik, OCCE
  • Alex Cicalese, OCCE
  • Stephen Gonzalez, OCCE
  • Amanda Milliken, OCCE
  • Rose Moya, CAEN
Outcome-Based Project Teams & Sponsors
  1. Evaluation & Assessment: Gabe Javier (OCCE)
  2. Culture of Accessibility: Dan Maletta (CAEN) & Gabe Javier (OCCE)
  3. DEI Funding Model: Debbie Mero (RPM) & Mike Drake (Dean’s Office)
  4. Student Belonging, Retention & Intercultural Competency: Rebecca Flintoft (OSA), Lola Eniola-Adefeso (ADGPE) and Kevin Pipe (ADUE)
  5. Student Recruitment: Rebecca Flintofft (OSA)
  6. Faculty, Postdoc & Staff Belonging, Recruitment, Retention and Intercultural Competency: Debbie Mero (RPM) & Mingyan Liu (ADAA)