Engineering Enrichment (4th-11th)

Engineering Enrichment is our second-tier offering. This includes Engineering Workshops, Short-term Residential Program in the Summer, or completing a STEM class or project during the academic year. Engineering Enrichment programs range half half-day events to week. We aspire to have all students engaging in Engineering Enrichment to develop a STEM self-identity & college intention/interest. As well as acquiring STEM skills and academic knowledge.

Current 7th-9th Grade Michigan Residents
Participants will be given hands-on tasks to explore the different engineering disciplines that are offered at the University of Michigan and explore the fundamentals of engineering and apply those principles to exciting challenges.

Current Wolverine Pathways Scholars
Engineering Pathways is an opportunity for students who participate in the year-round, Wolverine Pathways Program in the School of Education to explore engineering as a profession.

Current 8th & 9th Grade Michigan Residents*
During the program, participants will become immersed in fundamental disciplines of Aerospace Engineering and space science at the nation’s oldest aerospace program.

Current 8th & 9th Grade Michigan Residents*
Thinkabit Lab Summer Camp is a one-week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) camp for middle schoolers in southeast Michigan, which provides hands-on engineering projects designed by Qualcomm’s® Thinkabit Lab™ at the Michigan Engineering Zone.