Introducing the Office of Culture, Community and Equity

To meet the spirit and goals of people-first engineering, it is imperative to cultivate an inclusive perspective in our current and future engineers. Evolving the role of our Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (CEDO), Michigan Engineering established a new office, the Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE), that will work horizontally across all units to ensure the work of the Culture Pillar, including DEI, is not siloed or duplicated. OCCE will serve as the catalyst to drive a culture of inclusion and equity and will lead DEI 2.0 implementation efforts.

OCCE will drive a culture of inclusion and equity to further equity-centered engineering, maximizing impact and capacity-building within and beyond the Michigan Engineering community. This includes:

Research Assistance

OCCE will support funding mechanisms for success in DEI research efforts. OCCE will work in conjunction with the office of the Associate Dean of Research (ADR) and the Office of Advancement to consult on DEI-related sections of grants to expand our impact and participation. OCCE will provide thought leadership and assist faculty to strengthen research proposals through an equity-centered engineering lens, developing solutions that elevate all people.

Innovation & Engagement

OCCE will facilitate community building by engaging with staff representing both the administrative units and the academic departments, and provide a centralized network for intentional DEI practices to be shared. With oversight from OCCE, this network will strive to improve the lines of communication and centralize efforts across Michigan Engineering on topics related to DEI culture, community and equity. This will also allow OCCE to recognize and elevate leaders in DEI from across Michigan Engineering.


OCCE provides thought leadership and an overarching structure to track DEI efforts across Michigan Engineering over time. OCCE will lead assessment and evaluation efforts within the College by creating a comprehensive evaluation and assessment plan, as well as develop and implement key success indicators. Through strategic planning, OCCE will determine the relationship between current DEI resources, events, and initiatives and their desired impact as we attempt to fill these gaps.

Education & Professional Development

OCCE will support the framework established by the College’s Community Teams, to ensure every member of the Michigan engineering community is educated on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) beginning with a focus on establishing foundational and sustainable resources. Through professional and personal development, OCCE will foster cultural competency that contributes to an inclusive and equitable campus climate.

OCCE will work with the Michigan Engineering community to assist in applying rigorous engineering-inspired design, build, test and improve processes to ensure success related to DEI. OCCE will assist the College in developing a foundation for members of the Michigan Engineering community to begin applying DEI in their everyday practice.

What does this
mean for CEDO?

The Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (CEDO) and their ongoing DEI efforts have played a vital role within the Michigan Engineering community for decades and much of CEDOs core values and efforts will continue on through OCCE. You can expect OCCE to continue Engineering OnRamp, which serves as a pathway for a diverse group of pre-college students to discover engineering as a profession and to choose Michigan Engineering as the place where they want to prepare for their future, as well as other initiatives that serve students at the undergraduate and graduate level.