Michigan Engineering has an extensive history of DEI initiatives that expands over 45 years. Whether you were introduced to these efforts by the Office of Minority Engineering Programs (MEPO), the Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach (CEDO) or the Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE), our core values have remained the same. With your support, Michigan Engineering and OCCE will move forward with driving a culture of inclusion and equity to further equity-centered engineering, maximizing impact and capacity-building within and beyond the Michigan Engineering community.

K-12 Gifts – 317013

Gifts to this fund support a variety of pre-college initiatives designed to encourage K-12 students to explore engineering. Initiatives and activities include summer camps, project-based learning experiences, field trips, and more. 

Current Student Gifts – 309397

Gifts to this fund support a variety of initiatives for the academic, cultural, personal, and professional development of current students such as student support, events at OCCE, hosting and transporting of seminar speakers, and more. 

Minority Scholarships in Engineering (MEPO) – 301151

Gifts to this fund provide supplemental financial support for students to help the College of Engineering achieve the goal of ensuring a diverse student population.