The Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE) promotes Michigan Engineering’s strategic mission, vision and values while fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture. We accomplish this through four main areas of impact: culture building, grant consulting, strategic planning and educational programming. Throughout the year, we direct our fundraising efforts toward our K-20 programs that invite young people to explore engineering disciplines through exciting real-world challenges. The curriculum takes a holistic approach to learning that is focused on STEM education, personal and professional development and college readiness. We invite you to be part of the impact these efforts make and help us inspire the next generation of Michigan engineers by choosing to donate to OCCE. Gifts of all sizes make a difference!

Support OCCE Programming and Scholarships

K-12 Gifts

Gifts to this fund support a variety of pre-college initiatives known as Engineering OnRamp (EO), which serves a diverse group of elementary, middle and high school students. EO strives to provide greater educational opportunities for young people from educational, cultural, geographic or socioeconomic backgrounds considered to be underrepresented in engineering. EO serves as a pathway for students to discover engineering as a profession and encourages them to choose Michigan Engineering to prepare for their future.

Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ)

Gifts to this fund support the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ). Located in the heart of Midtown Detroit, the MEZ is a place for middle and high school students from Southeast Michigan to learn, grow and lead. The MEZ strives to provide world-class STEM resources, instruction and counseling to students who may be the next generation of Victors.

Current Student Gifts

Gifts to this fund support a variety of initiatives for the academic, cultural, personal and professional development of current students. Your donation helps OCCE create tools that promote a more inclusive, equitable campus and expand pathways that ensure current students become successful engineers and leaders. 

Minority Scholarships in Engineering (MEPO)

Gifts to this fund provide supplemental financial support for students to help Michigan Engineering achieve the goal of recruiting and retaining a diverse student population. Michigan Engineering works to create opportunities for all, and where barriers exist, we close the gaps. Your donation helps ensure that every member of our community gets to be heard, included and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Examples of the impact your gift can make:

  • $10,000 – Bundles for 30 students (includes engineering kits, supplies, field trip, t-shirt and string bag)
  • $5,000 – Engineering kits for 30 students
  • $3,000 – 6-week research apprenticeship stipend for one student 
  • $2,000 – 1-week residential camp for one student 
  • $1,000 – 1-week day camp and transportation for one student 
  • $500 – 6-week Saturday program for one student 
  • $100 – Program supplies for one student 
  • $50 – Field trip entrance fees for one student  
  • $25 – T-shirt and string bag for one student

Michigan Engineering’s extensive history of DEI initiatives spans over 45 years. Whether you were introduced to these efforts by the Office of Minority Engineering Programs (MEPO), the Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (CEDO) or the Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE), our core values have remained the same. With your support, Michigan Engineering and OCCE will continue to drive a culture of inclusion and equity to further equity-centered engineering, maximizing impact and capacity-building within and beyond the Michigan Engineering community.