Community-Based Organizations

The Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE) will partner with organizations across the state of Michigan and the nation to support its DEI initiatives and increase access for students interested in pursuing engineering as a college major or future career. Their support provides academic, personal, cultural and professional development opportunities and programming that elevate our students. OCCE recognizes that our communities need culturally competent engineers to help facilitate systemic change. By partnering with community-based organizations, OCCE will also work to enhance research that is already being conducted in surrounding communities. Our students, with the help of local community organizers, will work together to determine sustainable solutions that can elevate marginalized communities. We encourage all prospective partners to join OCCE in not only developing and fostering an inclusive culture within Michigan Engineering but outside of our community as well. 

How can my organization partner with OCCE?

  • K-20 Programming: OCCE partners with local non-profits and national organizations to provide K-20 STEM programming year-round. 
  • DEI Initiatives: Organizations interested in partnering with OCCE to promote DEI initiatives and social justice in the field of engineering

Email us at [email protected] to learn more about partnering with OCCE.


Michigan Engineering has an extensive history of DEI initiatives that expands over 45 years. Whether you were introduced to these efforts by the Office of Minority Engineering Programs (MEPO), the Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach (CEDO) or the Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE), our core values have remained the same. With your support, Michigan Engineering and OCCE will move forward with driving a culture of inclusion and equity to further equity-centered engineering, maximizing impact and capacity-building within and beyond the Michigan Engineering community.