Michigan Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (MI-LSAMP)

The Michigan Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (MI-LSAMP), established in 2005, is an Alliance that consists of four, 4-year institutions; University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State, Western Michigan University and two community colleges, Mott Community College and Washtenaw Community College.      

The overall goal of the MI-LSAMP is to significantly increase the number of underrepresented minority students earning baccalaureate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields from the participating universities and prepare them for entry into graduate programs.

OAMI Mixer event at the Trotter Multicultural Center. Sponsored by LSA, the Opportunity Hub, OAMI , OCCE and Multi-ethnic student affairs

This goal will be achieved by activities focused on increasing degrees earned at both community colleges and four-year institutions, increasing numbers of students transferring from two-year to four-year programs and increasing numbers of students matriculating into STEM graduate programs.   

The Alliance has developed a holistic, cohort-based approach, the MI-LSAMP STEM Scholars Program, where students start out together in a summer program before entering their institution and have continued support throughout the academic year and until graduation, including research experiences. Professional and personal development for students will include individual development plans, experiential learning, peer mentoring and culturally responsible financial advising.  

The Alliance’s knowledge-generating research study is focused on investigating which strengths-based interventions, at the institutional, program and personal level, are most effective in broadening participation in STEM. 

Premiere Programs & Offerings

Are you looking to join a community with like-minded STEM students with similar interests, identities, and experiences? Are you looking to be a part of an international scholars program of STEM students from around the world? Applications are now being accepted for the the University of Michigan LSAMP community as one of our scholars.

The NxtGEN STEM Scholars Summer Institute is designed to help our scholars develop and gain tools, skills, networks and resources to help them transition to college.

In partnership with the M-STEM Academies, the STEM Scholars Welcome, which happens at the beginning of the Fall semester, aims to provide a formal welcome to the two programs.

In collaboration with campus partners, this annual event brings together our marginalized student populations to share their experiences of attending a PWI through a variety of community-building activities and dialogues.

Each semester, we offer monthly holistic student success workshops focused on our programmatic pillars, which aim to provide our scholars with the necessary tools, skills and connections to resources.

During these coaching sessions, MI-LSAMP students will develop an individualized plan for success. You will discuss any personal, educational and career goals. This is a great space where you can share more about your experience here at the University of Michigan as a STEM student, etc.

MI-LSAMP Student Ambassadors (SAs) are volunteers who help promote MI-LSAMP at the University of Michigan by assisting with the recruitment and yield of underrepresented racially minoritized STEM students to the University.