Whole Health and You

Zinobia Bennefield

Presented by Dr. Zinobia Bennefield, an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

How do we maintain good mental health in the face of a global pandemic, climate change, political unrest, and economic insecurity? Dr. Bennefield suggests that the answer is a Whole Health strategy. Whole Health is a perspective that emphasizes the interrelatedness of the spirit, mind, body, and environment. Using theories and scientific evidence from sociology, biology, theology, and psychology, Dr. Bennefield will make a case for why mental health is intrinsically linked to physical, spiritual, and environmental health and highlight the importance of utilizing a Whole Health perspective in order to experience overall wellbeing.

Transcript for Whole Health and You

About Dr. Zinobia Bennefield:

 Dr. Bennefield studies the way in which the school and family setting impact childhood and adolescent mental health outcomes like anxiety, depression, optimism, and anger. Her published work appeared in Research in the Sociology of Health Care, Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, Contemporary People of Color: Health and Wellness, American Journal of Health Education, Social Science & Medicine, and the Journal of Black Masculinity.