Building Allyship Toward a Gender-Inclusive Campus Community

Nicholas Henrickson

Presented by Nicholas Henriksen, Associate Professor (Romance Languages and Literatures & Linguistics, LSA) and ADVANCE Faculty Fellow.

During this lecture, Nicholas Henriksen will examine cisgenderism within the U-M community and present national and institutional data that will serve as a call to action to advocate for a more gender-inclusive campus. 

This lecture will also explore English terms and concepts that promote a shared understanding of sex and gender vocabulary and will examine real-life case studies, allowing participants to develop practical strategies for promoting a trans- and nonbinary-inclusive campus culture. 

Transcript for Building Allyship Toward a Gender-Inclusive Campus Community

About Nicholas Henriksen

Nick Henriksen is an Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics in LSA and an ADVANCE Faculty Fellow. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and mathematics from Rutgers University, a master’s degree in Hispanic Linguistics from Indiana University, and his doctorate in Linguistics and Hispanic Linguistics from Indiana University. He was awarded the U-M New Instruction / New Initiative “NINI” Grant for the project “Integrating Gender-Diverse Language into the Romance Curriculum” for 2022-2024.

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