Culture, Community and Equity (CCE)  Staff Network 

Convened by Michigan Engineering’s Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE)

The Culture, Community and Equity (CCE) Staff Network is comprised of a network of staff that meets on a regular basis with Executive Director Kimberly Burton and her Culture, Community and Equity Implementation team to work horizontally across Michigan Engineering and improve the lines of communication on topics related to culture, community and equity, ensure the work is not siloed and share resources. The Network consists of full-time staff representing every department/unit at Michigan Engineering. The input from faculty is collected through the already existing Faculty DEI Department Leads. The creation of the CCE Network fulfills one of the recommended next steps in the College’s DEI Culture Shift.

Expected Commitment:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings.
  • Collaborate on refining the mission and scope of the Network.
  • Provide input on the topics being discussed by the Network, and secure department/unit’s authorization when necessary.
  • Debrief with the academic department DEI Faculty Lead, if applicable.
  • Prepare a simple quarterly report out of the department/unit’s CCE accomplishments, barriers, support needed, questions, etc.
  • Contribute to consistent updating of CoE DEI Mapping project. 
  • Pre-read materials (as needed) prior to meetings.

Current Members

Last updated on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Aaron Berry (He/They)

Marketing Assistant Associate — Mechanical Engineering

“DEI is a major focus in my work. The stories that we tell at the department level and beyond must champion our diverse communities and help to publicize the research that can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Tracey Branam

Tracey Branam (She/Her)

HR Generalist — University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

“I am very excited to have this opportunity to be a CCE Staff Network lead. I am so grateful to be able to share, learn, and connect with other staff members across the college that have a common goal to make a positive impact in DEI within Michigan Engineering.”

John Callewaert

John Callewaert (He/Him)

Director of Strategic Projects — Office of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

“Being a part of the CCE is a great opportunity to share the work going on in undergraduate education and learn about the efforts being made by units across the College. This exchange will significantly accelerate our DEI work.”

Debbie Covington

Debby Covington (She/Her)

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Equity Initiatives — Office of Student Affairs

Katie Crawford

Katie Crawford (She/Her)

DEI Manager — Civil & Environmental Engineering

“I look forward to meeting and connecting with other staff working on DEI efforts in CoE. As well as learning about other initiatives, best practices, points of contact, and areas for collaboration as we work to de-silo and strengthen DEI efforts in CoE.”

Sahar Farjami

Sahar Farjami (She/Her)

Laboratory/Classroom Services Supervisor an Adjunct Lecturer — Materials Science & Engineering

Hayley Hanway

Hayley Hanway (She/Her)

Marketing & Communications Specialist — Electrical & Computer Engineering

Deanna Hecht

Deanna Hecht (She/Her)

Administrator — Michigan Center for Materials Characterization

Patricia Jaimes

Patricia Jaimes (She/Her/Ella)

Instructional Consultant of DEI — CRLT-Engineering/ADUE

“In my current role, I co-lead DEI initiatives in the college of engineering as it relates to teaching and learning. I consult with, and develop workshops and other programming, for instructors to support them in incorporating equity-focused teaching strategies (which are evidence-based, best practices) into their curriculum.”

Bobby Kerns

Bobby Kerns (He/Him)

Center Manager — (MC)² – Michigan Center for Materials Characterization

“Many of us are drawn to the University of Michigan with an interest in serving others, whether that is serving a community of scholars or the larger cultural community. There is no better way to serve than make sure everyone has a place in our efforts. I am excited to be a part of the CCE Network as a means to learn how to go about life with DEI at the forefront, as well as learning how to better support my staff and recruit others into a DEI mindset.”

Rose Moya

Rose Moya (She/Her)

Senior Project Manager — CAEN

“It is an honor to be the CAEN representative on the CCE Network. I look forward to being a part of a team that works to create a culture that leverages diversity to its fullest potential so that every student, faculty and staff member can have a sense of belonging regardless of their background.”

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman (He/Him)

Communication Specialist — Michigan Robotics

“Achieving greater impact through leveraging all our individual efforts and making concrete steps to improving campus culture.”

Elizabeth Herness Peters

Elizabeth Herness Peters (She/Her)

Managing Director — Bionterfaces Institute

“Inclusivity, workplace diversity, equity, and employee safety are of paramount importance to me. In moments of turbulence when workplace culture and climate are at stake, I strive to steward people through a safe and respected avenue for voicing concerns. I can only do this with the help of those who also share the same commitment to these core values. The CCE provides the network, best practices, and learning opportunities to help me develop equitable practices in my role as a director, and to be a true advocate for system-wide growth in this space.”

Jessica Petras

Jessica Petras (She/Her)

Internal Communications Specialist — Office of Communications & Marketing

“Through the CCE Network, I am excited to learn about DEI developments around the College that the Office of Communications & Marketing could share with a wider audience through our platforms.”

Eric Rutherford

Eric Rutherford (He/Him)

Strategic Planning and Implementation Specialist — Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Education

“I have been engaged with multiple DEI initiatives since I joined the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate & Professional Education and serving in this group presents an opportunity to connect and collaborate with people across CoE who have a shared investment in this work.”

Sarah Snay

Sarah Snay (She/They)

Outreach and DEI Administrative Coordinator — Computer Science & Engineering

“I’m excited to serve as a CCE Network Lead to share CSE’s DEI initiatives and learn from other departments’ efforts, with a focus on metrics and improving what we do!”

Bakari O Wooten (He/Him)

Facilities Manager — Resource Planning & Management

“What motivated me to serve as a CCE Network Lead is the opportunity to take an active role in identifying and resolving inequities, at Michigan Engineering, within the scope of DEI.”