Culture, Community and Equity (CCE)  Staff Network 

Convened by Michigan Engineering’s Office of Culture, Community and Equity (OCCE)

The Culture, Community and Equity (CCE) Staff Network is comprised of a network of staff that meets on a regular basis with Executive Director Kimberly Burton and her Culture, Community and Equity Implementation team to work horizontally across Michigan Engineering and improve the lines of communication on topics related to culture, community and equity, ensure the work is not siloed and share resources. The Network will consist of full-time staff representing every department/unit at the College of Engineering. CCE input from faculty can be collected through the already existing Faculty DEI Department Leads Committee. The creation of the CCE Network fulfills one of the recommended next steps in the College’s DEI Culture Shift.

Expected Commitment:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings.
  • Collaborate on refining the mission and scope of the Network.
  • Provide input on the topics being discussed by the Network, and secure department/unit’s authorization when necessary.
  • Debrief with the academic department DEI Faculty Lead, if applicable.
  • Prepare a simple quarterly report out of the department/unit’s CCE accomplishments, barriers, support needed, questions, etc.
  • Contribute to consistent updating of CoE DEI Mapping project. 
  • Pre-read materials (as needed) prior to meetings.