DEI Faculty Department Leads

DEI department leads are faculty members who serve as the point of contact for DEI at the department level. They:

  • Lead planning, coordination, and implementation of department-level DEI activities
  • Report on department-level DEI activities and share best practices
  • Serve as an additional resource for DEI-related concerns at the department level, including active participation in addressing any issues arising
  • Serve as a link between department-level and college- and university-level DEI efforts
Vasileios Tzoumas

AERO: Vasileios Tzoumas

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

BME: Carlos Aguilar

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

CEE: Ann Jeffers

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ChemE: Sunitha Nagrath

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Co-Director of the Single Cell Analysis Core, Rogel Cancer Center

Laura Hirshfield

ChemE: Laura Hirshfield

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Chemical Engineering and Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

CLaSP: Michael Liemohn

Professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering and Academic Program Director, Space Institute

Cyrus Omar

CSE: Cyrus Omar

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

ECE: Herb Winful

Arthur F Thurnau Professor and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

IOE & Robotics: Leia Stirling

Associate Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

ISD: Miki Banu

Lecturer in Integrative Systems and Design

ME: Wei Lu

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

MSE: Kathy Sevener

Lecturer/Associate Research Scientist

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NAME: Maani Ghaffari-Jadidi

Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

NERS: John Foster

Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department

NERS: Carolyn Kuranz

Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, College of Engineering

Ryan McBride

NERS: Ryan McBride

Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Technical Communication: Kelsey McLendon

Lecturer, Program in Technical Communication

UMTRI: Kathleen Klinich

Associate Research Scientist, Biosciences, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute


Sara A. Pozzi, Ph. D.

University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor

Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences and Professor of Physics

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion