Event & Organization Sponsorships

OCCE provides sponsorship opportunities for activities, events and projects led by students, student organizations, faculty, staff or other U-M units that align with Michigan Engineering’s mission with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion and help advance the work of our DEI 2.0 strategic plan. 

The application must:

  • Be completed in its entirety
  • Be submitted by the deadline to be considered
  • Include a detailed budget document and event/activity marketing materials


  1. Complete application
    • OCCE reviews applications during the last week of every month
  2. Funding may be awarded in full, partially, with restrictions, or denied
  3. Decisions will be communicated via email to the key point of contact listed in the application
  4. If approved, funds will be transferred to the shortcode listed in the application
  5. All sponsorship requests must be made before the event and by the last Monday of each month (application deadline). Funds will not be awarded retroactively.
  6. Following all sponsored events, the organization/department must complete an evaluation within 30 days. Failure to do so will impact future funding decisions.


Sponsorship applications will be reviewed monthly to ensure thorough consideration of each submission and to maintain an organized and efficient process for evaluation. Here are the following deadlines for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

September 30, 2024January 27, 2025
October 28, 2024February 24, 2025
November 25, 2024March 31, 2025
December 16, 2024*April 28, 2025
* Some deadlines are subject to change due to holidays/breaks.

Additional Funding Opportunities